BTS: Jin had a difficult life before becoming an idol


Before becoming a K-pop star, Jin from the group BTS had a difficult time. Know its history!

BTS’s Jin recounted their touching story, as the group from BigHit did an interview on Korean television to talk about Dynamite’s success after reaching No. 1 on Billboard.

Among other things, they also talked about the changes they have undergone during their career, which is why Jin decided to reveal the situation they went through before they could fulfill their K-pop dreams.

That is why the boys of BTS through KBS, talked about the old days in their career, although now they enjoy luxuries, records and have thousands of fans behind them, the reality is that trainees suffer during their first years of career or training, because lack of resources does not allow them to have an easy life.

In the interview they revealed that since they were able to pay for their studies, not receive an income and live in dormitories, aspiring idols go through very difficult times, Jin confessed that they did not have to eat, comparing their current state. One of the things that changed in BTS was being able to eat properly, because before, even bananas couldn’t eat.

What’s the story behind BTS’s Jin?

The older BTS member explained that they had to chase away the flies that were made on the fruit and that all they had to eat were chicken breasts, luckily now they can afford to eat whatever they want, even 2 pieces of steak. if they wish, for which you are grateful, the old days are behind you.

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As if that were not enough, the idol explained that at that time their budget was not enough, so they had to limit themselves to be able to stock their pantry. Sharing a bedroom when leaving your hometown, dividing things between two or more, depending on the company’s apprentices, is difficult, especially when BigHit was an agency on the brink of bankruptcy.

It should be noted that K-pop idols do not receive large profits until years after their debut, as they have to pay training expenses, among others.

It is worth mentioning that Jin’s words affected some ARMYs, who expressed their concern on social networks after the episodes they had to live before they became popular. Did you know this story about Jin? Do you think BigHit should be grateful to the idols?


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