BTS: Jin Gets New Achievement On Spotify


BTS’s Jin has managed to get a new solo achievement within the Spotify platform.

Talking about BTS is talking about one of the most popular K-Pop bands of the moment and for proof of this we have the excellent commercial performance that Jin, RM, Jungkook, Suga, Jimin, V and J-Hope have had internationally with the release of the single ‘Dynamite’.

But now it is Jin who has managed to conquer the Spotify platform again, news that has captivated the ARMY, who immediately announced on all social networks the new achievement that the oldest member of BTS obtained in recent days .

You may not know it, but the Worldwide Handsome of the group has a profile as a solo artist within the popular streaming platform, which only has an album entitled ‘It’s Definitely You’, from which a song of the same name emerges and that he interprets with his partner V for the soundtrack of the drama ‘Hwarang’.

Jin conquers Spotify with his talent

According to statistics provided by the same platform, Jin has just surpassed 814 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, a figure he obtained with the song of ‘It’s Definitely You’, which so far has received more than 43 million streams since its launch in December 2016.

The 27-year-old idol included an instrumental version on his solo profile on the platform, which only has 1,325,121 streams. It should be noted that the monthly listeners do not include the reproductions of the solo songs that he releases under the name of BTS.

But that’s not all, since ‘Euphoria’, the song that Jin interprets for the album ‘Love Yourself: Answer’, has just surpassed 166 million streams on Spotify, a figure that makes it the first solo by a member of the band. band BTS to surpass that amount in addition to remaining the third most listened to song by a Korean soloist on the platform.

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Which Jin song is your favorite? Would you like to see him start a solo career? Leave your answer in the comments.


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