BTS: Jin decided to lie by not telling his real age


K-Pop idol Jin joked about his age and claimed that he was the Maknae of the group BTS. OMG!

BTS’s Jin tried to fool everyone by introducing himself as BTS’s maknae. Jin confessed that when he grew up, he wanted to look young. Funny, huh?

As is known, Jin BTS is the oldest member in the group, but many don’t care if he claims to be the maknae (the youngest) due to his young appearance.

According to Korea’s Style Journal, in the behind-the-scenes footage from the latest episode of BTS’s Run, Jin jokes that he is the group’s maknae, and the members can’t help but laugh.

The League of Korean Legends T1 team were invited on the last episode of Run BTS, and to get to know each other better, BTS and T1 shared their ages. V was the first BTS member to introduce himself and shared that he is 26 years old (Korean age).

Suga was next, and he said he was born in 1993. Jin joked around a bit and said, “You’re so old.” Jimin is next and shares that he is 26 years old (Korean age). As his turn drew near, Jin couldn’t help but be a little “nervous”.

The real Maknae of the band, Jungkook was next and shared that he is 24 years old (Korean age). Jungkook was also the closest member in age to the T1 members.

This was the age that Jin claimed to be

When it was time for Seokjin to reveal his age, the idol surprised by lying in a funny way. Jin told the T1 members that he is 23 years old, which makes him “younger” than Jungkook.

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As soon as Jin said this, the members couldn’t help but laugh a little. Jimin even played with Jin, because he commented that Jin was very young. So the “Moon” singer was honest and said, “Now that I’m an adult, I really want to look young.”


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