BTS: Jin COOKES for his fellow SOOP BTS see Ep 2


Learn about the funny Harry Potter imitation by BTS’s Jin and the way he cooks in the attractive promotion for SOOP BTS see Ep 2.

In the SOOP BTS watch, the promo for Ep 2 shows the adventures that BTS is going on during their week-long healing journey, where Jin performed a hilarious Harry Potter imitation and V had a surprisingly therapeutic experience.

It seems that this time around on the SOOP BTS watch, it was a variety show that ARMY was really looking forward to when BTS embarked on a week-long trip to the forest where they could spend time as a collective away from their busy schedule.

In this video the guys are seen as ordinary people, the members are seen trying different hobbies like fishing and boxing. For example, last night the first episode came out and it gave us a look inside the beautiful property they were staying at, plus the idols could be seen making lunch and cleaning up on their own, after which they immediately launched into the different fun activities.

To top it off, on the second episode of SOOP BTS ver., Which will be available on Weverse on September 26 at 8:30 p.m. KST, and a promotion was recently shared at the end of the first episode.

Jin imitates and cooks for his fellow BTS members

This preview begins with the promotion with RM and V playing. Badminton with Jimin watching. But, what caught ARMY’s attention was that Jin laughed out loud while pretending to ride on a broom like Harry Potter.

On the other hand, J-Hope and Jungkook play with a toy plane, Jin and Suga are seen relaxing in a boat. “Don’t you think we’re doing too much just on the first day,” Yoongi muses.

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Jin then appears again pulling a fish out of the fishbowl set up by the staff while revealing that he has always wanted to bone a fish. However, he has his own fish fights while singing the blues. We then move on to the evening when the kids have dinner courtesy of Jin’s fantastic cooking skills while Suga and Namjoon joke around making everyone laugh. Jin cooked all three meals of the day and everyone thanked him while gushing about their hyung’s cooking.

Lastly, Hobi and Kookie are seen launching fireworks as the former exclaims, “It’s been forever since I’ve seen the fireworks,” to which the latter adds, “I’m having a lot more fun than I expected.” “This is surprisingly therapeutic.”


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