BTS: Jin becomes a “heartbreaker” in the sports world


A renowned sportswoman from South Korea has confessed that he has a crush on BTS’s biggest member, Jin.

BTS’s charms have fallen in love with her fans from the East and West, and now Jin has conquered a sportswoman from South Korea. No one can resist!

Each member of BTS possesses great talents, skills and a captivating personality, although all of them have already managed to conquer the fans of the idol group, Jin also stole the heart of a sportswoman who did not hesitate to show her love for the BangTan Boy.

The members of Bangtan Sonyeondan are world famous stars, but when it comes to South Korea, there is no one who does not know who these idols are, so there are also too many people who are fans of the group Big Hit Entertainment, including some celebrities. from the world of sports.

One such person who has fallen in love with the group’s charms is Lee Da Yeong, a renowned volleyball player who, in addition to showing her talents on the court as part of the national team, also revealed that she is in love with Seokjin.

Lee Da Yeong’s crush is Jin

BTS fans who also follow player Lee Da Yeong on their social media were shocked by this girl’s latest update as many identified with the athlete’s feelings.

Lee Da Yeong posted a photo of Jin from the Dynamite video, where the idol wears a pastel pink suit.

She also accompanied this Instagram story with the phrase ‘Ah, my heart’, followed by some heart emojis and a crying face.

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Fan response to this post revealed that many understand Da Yeong’s feelings because they are also in love with this talented vocalist. For something he is recognized as the Worldwide Handsome. What other South Korean celebrity do you remember who has shown her love to Jin? Do you think the idol is a “heartthrob”?


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