BTS: Jin and the emotional letter that made ARMY cry


Jin has made ARMY cry thanks to an emotional letter that he and the boys of BTS dedicated to their fans.

The boys of BTS have returned to be the topic of conversation on social networks thanks to some emotional letters they dedicated to the ARMY, in which they express their feelings towards the fandom, to whom they thank all the unconditional support received in recent years.

One of the letters that attracted the most attention was that of Jin, who did not hesitate to show all the love he feels for the ARMY in an emotional postcard, which managed to go viral on all social networks due to the responses of the fans, who They did not hesitate to thank him for the words of encouragement he dedicated to them.

This happens because it is well known that the Worldwide Handsome is one of the idols who is closest to his fans, because it is enough to take a look at his Twitter and Instagram profiles to see the constant interaction that exists between him and ARMY.

Jin gives new advice to the ARMY

‘DEAR ARMY’, the name by which the series of letters written by the members of BTS is known, was released a couple of days ago and immediately managed to captivate all the followers, especially that of Jin, who did not hesitated to give advice to the fandom.

“After working hard, I am now taking a break, not by choice, but now I feel in top shape. Dear ARMY, don’t forget to take a break, even if you’re busy. PS: What is your happiest moment? ”Jin wrote in the post card.

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Jin’s words filled the ARMY with joy, who is waiting for the release of ‘BE’, BTS’s new album that will be available on all digital platforms from November 20.

What did you think of Jin’s words in ‘DEAR ARMY’? What would you reply to the idol? Leave your answer below.


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