BTS: Jimin’s Net Worth Rises to $ 20 Million OMG!


BTS has had a successful 2020, so much so that Jimin and the other members of the group have seen a multi-million increase in their net worth.

Jimin’s fortune reached a new record after BTS’s music label made it public. Big Hit Entertainment was truly a huge success as its share price hit $ 236, more than double the original public offering price, according to Forbes.

The net worth of the company is now $ 8.38 billion. Naturally, as the main artists responsible for bringing money to the company, BTS members have their own piece of the cake.

The group’s earnings have been divided equally among the seven members. According to Celebrity Net Worth, from June 2019 to June 2020, BTS made around $ 50 million. As such, members like Jimin and J-Hope received around $ 7 million each.

BTS recently debuted with their first full English song, “Dynamite.” The success of the theme and the group also influenced the success of the company. The IPO made Big Hit Entertainment founder Bang Si-hyuk a billionaire and BTS members several million richer.

Jimin is worth $ 20 million

Before the IPO announcement, the company was valued at $ 4 billion. It made a profit of $ 86 million in 2019 and this year, Big Hit has already made $ 249 million in just the first six months. The pandemic and the cancellation of tours and events barely made a dent in BTS’s success.

This is how Jimin and the other members increased their wealth to $ 20 million. The 7-member group contributes to the South Korean economy through merchandise sales and tourism. In 2018, BTS was responsible for contributing $ 3.5 billion to their country’s economy.

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On the other hand, experts and some politicians call for the postponement of mandatory military services for members of the boy group. South Korean men are mandated to serve in the military, with the exception of those who bring glory to the nation.

When a member of a group enlists in the military, the group is expected to take a temporary hiatus, form subgroups, or some members may pursue personal projects. But there are cases when K-pop groups just decide to disband.


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