BTS: Jimin’s bare shoulder in “BE” captivates ARMY


BTS: Jimin’s shoulders made the ARMY sigh again, this time on Twitter with the amazing photos from the next release of “BE”

ARMY are not emotionally prepared for the next era of BTS, but in La Verdad Noticias we will always have details of the most famous idols.

On Monday, October 19, Big Hit Entertainment gave fans a sneak peek of their album concept, and it blew them away, but while there’s a lot about the photo that has them stunned, the tweets about Jimin’s bare shoulder in ” BE “from BTS are without a doubt some of the loudest in the middle of the talk.

ARMY loves BTS’s Jimin’s shoulders

The emotion surrounding Jimin’s shoulder is an endless saga. It all started in October 2016 when BTS debuted with their music video, “Blood Sweat & Tears.”

During the video, Jimin did an iconic dance move that involved slightly lowering his jacket to reveal his arms. The star apparently said this was an “accident” and that he actually didn’t want to expose his shoulder, but fans didn’t buy the excuse.

Instead, they believed Jimin did it intentionally to make ARMY’s hearts collectively leap.

After the initial incident, the singer made the move again and again … and again. In fact, he’s done it so much that now it’s one of his signature moves, but no matter how many times he does it, the ARMY never tire of it.

I mean, just check out BTS idol’s latest rendition of their iconic shoulder shake below:

The ARMY’s reaction to Jimin’s shoulder

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