BTS: Jimin WINS the affection of James Corden


James Corden and Jimin from BTS have created a cute friendship and love each other very much.

Actor James Corten played a fun game where his friendship with BTS star Jimin and Harry Styles was put to the test.

The Late Late Show With James Corden is full of fun games for all the celebrities who visit the show, yet there is evidence that gets them into unexpected bindings. That happened to the host of this show when he had to choose between Harry and Jimin, the BTS star.

Spill Your Guts is one of the games that James and his guests show frequently, it’s about everyone getting awkward questions that they probably won’t want to answer, but can choose between giving an answer or eating a strange and unpleasant dish.

Alicia Keys was the guest celebrity of the most recent show and he asked James a very difficult question, it was the last question the singer asked and it included Jimin and Harry Styles, noting that although they have both been on the show and had a friendly interaction with James, the host of this program had to choose which of them is his favorite.

Friendship of Jimin and Jams Corten

James Corden’s immediate reaction was a surprise difficult to hide, silence took hold of the set before a question that put the creator of the show in trouble, but the singer pressed him for an answer.

James justified his indecision by explaining the bond he shares with each of these music stars, saying:

“This is like asking me to choose between my parents. Because look, I love Harry, I have loved him for a long time. And I love my baby Mochi. I’m like Daddy Mochi and he’s baby Mochi.”

When not getting a concrete answer, Alicia Keys motivated the driver so that, instead of pointing to his favorite between Harry and Jimin, he tried the food that was hidden in tray number 3 and James agreed without knowing what unpleasant dish he would find in front of him .

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You can watch the full video of this game from The Late Late show With James Corden below:


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