BTS: Jimin Will Be In The Clouds And Will Cross The Sky Thanks To His Fans


BTS’s Jimin’s birthday is coming up and ARMY projects are already starting to show up. Jimin will reach heaven thanks to a super special project that his fans have prepared for his birthday, how will we see the idol of BTS in the performances?

ARMY always has the best projects for their idols and the fandom goes out of their way to have great details to celebrate their favorite K-Pop band on each BTS member’s birthday; All over the world, different fanbases are moving to fill the world with the birthday boy idol .

In September, we celebrated Jungkook and RM and both idols have many projects, both in different countries of the world and digitally to wish the idols a happy birthday and also support their videos and songs non-stop.

And although still a month for the birthday of Jimin , projects to celebrate the idol and begin and ARMY not skimp when it comes to celebrating another year of life for artist favorite, they want to be sky, sea and earth to commemorate this special day.


To celebrate Jimin’s birthday on October 13, an idol fanbase in China called JiminBar collaborated with Jeju Air to customize a plane with the image of Mochi that flies from September 1 to November 30 and so Jimin will fly and cross the skies thanks to his fans .

An incredible project where we can see Jimin flying through the skies and through the clouds , in a beautiful special plane for his birthday; there is no cooler project than this.

In other BTS news , J-Hope showed how much he adores Jungkook right on his birthday and did everything he could to get his friend a cake.


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