BTS: Jimin was excluded from the cover of ‘Dynamite’


BTS: Netizens criticize Big Hit Entertainment for Jimin’s absence in Dynamite articles and tweets.

On August 24, disappointed BTS fans noticed an increase in tweets from various official Twitter accounts and news articles using a group photo of the KPop group in which Jimin cannot be seen.

These tweets and articles are about promoting BTS’s latest single, “Dynamite,” or announcing the stellar accomplishments the song has achieved. Therefore, choosing a group photo that shows all seven members would have been very important.

ARMY demands more Jimin presence in advertising

The disputed photo is a screenshot from the opening scene of Dynamite’s official music video that shows six members of BTS posing while Jimin, the lead singer, is hiding in the back.

At the beginning of the music video, the members leave their places, clearing the screen for Jimin’s memorable finger gun.

It has also been alleged that the photo of the subject that is circulating has the logo of Big Hit’s company giving the impression that it is an official photo.

The ARMY fandom felt that this act is disrespectful to the artist considered the most important K-Pop artist and regardless of the enormous contributions that Jimin has made to the success of BTS’s new single and the company as a whole.

As such, appropriate and immediate action has been requested from Big Hit Entertainment.

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