BTS: Jimin turns his VLive into an iconic fashion show


BTS’s Jimin promised ARMY that he would return to VLive soon, and as always, he kept his promise.

Jimin told BTS fans that he would be returning to VLive soon, and as always, he kept his promise. The BTS singer spent almost an hour talking to the ARMY and opened the live broadcast with a short fashion show.

The VLive was titled “My Elegant Entrance”, and when it started, Jimin was not seen on the screen. However, seconds later the idol appeared dancing and then took a seat. Already seated, Jimin told the ARMY that he was not wearing any makeup.

Jimin modeled for the ARMY

Jimin said it was 5 in the afternoon when he started the VLive and stopped to broadcast it between work activities. The BTS singer stood up and showed fans his new coat. Jimin then turned around so fans could see the back of the coat.

“I don’t think I’ve ever worn this before,” he said. Acknowledging that it was probably the first time fans had seen him in that outfit. Jimin told fans that he normally wore hoodies for the company and that he bought the coat in 2019.

He originally planned to wear it at the airport, but it was too cold during his live broadcast. Since there is no reason to go to the airport now, he decided to wear the coat as it suited the weather.

While talking to the ARMY on VLive, Jimin ordered food. For his meal, Jimin ordered Kimchi fried rice and pork chop. “The food is here,” he said excitedly once he sat back down. “I’m only talking about eating these days … I don’t think I’ve ever lost my appetite,” said the singer.

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