BTS: Jimin PROTECTS Jungkook like his little brother


BTS’s Jimin treated Jungkook so sweetly when they seemed to be in a bubble of success in bikini gems as a reflection of siblings in the real world.

Are there not so many reasons for the tape to fall with Bangtan Boys (BTS)? In fact, it feels a bit difficult to determine who the Big Hit Entertainment group’s main bias is. Furthermore, the seven members of BTS have their respective charisma and charms.

Aside from being popular and having a host of accomplishments, Suga doesn’t seem to have lost his way to spoiling his fan line.

They usually show ridiculous actions through various videos. Including the transmission of reality shows through V Live to images of their activities on the YouTube channel,

Even BTS’s fanbase account on the Instagram page is no less diligent in sharing exciting actions from the members while behind the camera.

Jimin cares for Jungkook like a brother
One of them is an account called @ bangtan.fact_indo who often shares super cool videos and photos of the singer of the song “ON”.

They recently shared a video of Jimin BTS and Jungkook who were super eager.

Both appear to be in plastic and have a shape that resembles air bubbles.

Jungkook himself looked so excited and amazed when he was inside the fake bubble with Jimin.

Like an older brother, Jimin immediately took Jungkook’s hand while aiming at the bubble wall until the bubble space disappeared.

Suddenly, the action of the two immediately made the netter nervous, not playing. In fact, many think that Jimin and Jungkook’s treatment is like the behavior of brothers and sisters in the real world.

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As is known, Jungkook himself is the alias maknae, the youngest member of the group headed by the seven handsome boys.


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