BTS: Jimin has STRANGE habits when he takes a bath


Jimin’s absurd bathing habits are dismantled by members of BTS, the fact that makes ARMY’s jaw drop.

Everyone has their own habits that are often performed every day. The same goes for the BTS members.

One of them is Jimin, he is said to have a habit that other BTS members consider quite absurd.

RM, Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, Suga, and V couldn’t stop thinking about Jimin’s unique habits either.

Does Jimin have weird bathing habits?

On BTS’s second birthday, the members exposed Jimin’s absurd habits. According to them, Jimin, the star of the group would leave bags and tissues everywhere.

In fact, he often leaves the handkerchief in the bathroom.

The bathroom is shared by all members of BTS.

Jimin also tried to explain his habit, which was protested by his friends.

However, the BTS members actually prevented him from explaining.

“You have no right to say anything! Shut up!” the members said in a compact manner.

After preventing Jimin from speaking, the BTS members entrusted V to expose Jimin’s absurd habit.

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