BTS: Jimin has a BEAUTIFUL smile, what’s the secret?


BTS star Jimin has a smile that captivates the ARMY but everyone is wondering what the secret is.

Jimin, the star singer of BTS has revealed what is his most vulnerable point but also, the ARMY fandom is in love with the singer’s smile, but what is the secret of his beautiful smile?

Jimin is a boy who was gifted with many skills, he is athletic, a good dancer and a great singer, but he himself confessed his weak point, something that puts him at a disadvantage compared to the rest of BTS.

The member of the Big Hit Entertainment group has the one known as ‘Eye Smile’, that means that when he smiles or laughs very hard his eyes close in such a way that he cannot see his surroundings, it is a very expressive way and many find this unique characteristic.

On the 54th episode of Run BTS! The boys in the group were very concentrated playing tennis, Park Jimin told his teammates “let’s stop laughing, I really can’t see anything, please don’t laugh anymore.”

The adorable act brought out more laughter from Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, RM, V, and Suga who didn’t think Chim Chim was saying that in the middle of their competition. So if you want to beat Jimin the answer will always be the same.

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