BTS: Jimin breaks CRY before the ARMY at a concert


The ARMY fandom claimed to love Jimin even more after the BTS star burst into tears during a concert.

During the Map of the Soul ON: E concert, BTS star Jimin showed his feelings and broke down in tears at the ARMY fandom.

Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, V, Suga and RM returned to the stage with the online concert Map of the Soul ON: E, the show was surrounded by music, incredible settings and unique interpretations of the 7 rappers and singers .

The show left great memories for ARMY, it was a meeting that neither distance nor language represented problems for the attendees, for music there are no obstacles, since it is a universal language.

Map of the Soul ON: E was a very important stage for Jimin, the singer and dancer presented for the first time the performance of his song ‘Filter’, a track that mixes different rhythms and is one of the favorite melodies of the followers of the Korean boy band.

The show also allowed fans to see a very sincere side of Jimin, as the Bangtan Boys idol took the microphone to share his deepest feelings for ARMY.

Jimin breaks down in tears before the ARMY

After the artist from the city of Geumjeong in Busan, South Korea, performed ‘Filter’, gave a few words to all the attendees, Jimin opened his heart to ARMY by explaining his feelings during the concert.

The idol said that he was very focused on putting on a great show on Map of the Soul ON: E, before preparing for the concert, he thought there were some aspects that were unfair.

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Due to the global health crisis, the boys of BTS canceled their international tour to promote the record material ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ and Jimin commented:

I just wanted to act with my classmates more than anything and act for all of you to be happy, I don’t know why we have to go through this

Tears came to Jimin’s eyes and shortly afterwards he covered his face, calmed his emotions a bit and took the microphone again to say:

“My teammates were having a lot of fun during the encore, I haven’t been able to concentrate since then, but I’m happy to see everyone like this.”

Jimin thanked the audience for supporting all of his activities and ended by saying that the hope that fans send them is the impulse that makes them work every day to be better artists.


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