BTS: Jimin brags about TATTOO on Twitter


BTS: Jimin posted a ton of photos on Twitter and gave his “13” tattoo a better look while expressing his concern about the hurricane in South Korea.

There is no denying that Jimin causes madness every time we see him. Whether it’s the Bangtan Bombs released from time to time or In The Soop BTS, it also brings a sense of joy and happiness when it takes over the screen.

His latest tweet is just another example of it. The singer shared three new photos on BTS’s Twitter account, communicating with fandom ARMY about the hurricane in South Korea.

“It is a relief that the hurricane (finally) has passed us,” he said in the tweet.

“It is said that (the typhoon / bad weather) will return next week, so please stay safe,” added the worried singer.

Jimin, the BTS singer looked adorable as he posed for photos in a simple white crew neck t-shirt and a boat cap and showed his infectious smile.

While in the first photo the singer is seen standing as an adorably good boy, in the second and third photos, Mochi is seen holding his fancy boat cap and flaunting his bracelets.

His “13” tattoo peeked out between the bracelets.

Jimin shows off his tattoo

The tattoo caught the attention of ARMY a few months ago.

While the actual meaning behind the ink is still unknown, fans are theorized that “13” marks ChimChim’s birthday, celebrated on October 13, or marks the day of BTS’s debut, June 13, 2013. .

Check out the photos below:

Jimin was in the news recently for his donation to various charities and children’s well-being.

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According to Soompi, the singer donated a generous 100 million won to the Jeonnam Future Education Foundation in South Korea.

K-media reported that Park Jimin’s father gave the donation to the foundation’s president and urged that students with financial need be helped.

Jimin will be known as a contributor to the Jeonnam Education Hall of Fame.


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