BTS: Jimin and an ARMY live a tender moment together


Jimin goes viral for a cute video! The BTS member sighs while talking to an ARMY.

BTS has become one of the most listened to boy bands in 2020, either because of their excellent songs or because of the beauty and charisma of the 7 members, and everyone loves the kings of K-Pop.

However, one of the favorites for the ARMY is Jimin; since in addition to being talented, he also makes many people fall in love with his cute face and attitude.

Now, a video where Jimin tenderly reacts to a fan of BTS, better known as ARMY, has resurfaced on social networks and has made us fall in love with the simplicity and charisma of the idol.

Jimin shows a cute look at an ARMY

The fancam captured Jimin just at the time when a fan at a BTS event had a close moment with this member. The highlight of this video is Jimin’s reaction to fan nicknames.

In the video, a fan affectionately calls him “oppa,” a term a woman uses when calling his older friend. However, after calling him oppa, the ARMY revealed that he is actually a year older than Jimin.

After leaving his signature on the album, the fan had ears as a gift; to which Jimin said sweetly, “You can put it on my head.” Wow, who doesn’t melt in front of Jimin if the “ON” singer says this?

Meanwhile, BTS won the Top Social Artist award for the fourth time in a row at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards (BBMA). The 7-member group also performed their latest single, “Dynamite,” through an act at Incheon International Airport. .

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