BTS: Jimin always LOVES with his angelic voice


BTS: Jimin always LOVES with his angelic voice Recently, BTS star Jimin celebrated his 26th birthday and fans gave an incredible recount of his best moments.

The ARMY fandom has made a recount of the moments when Jimin, the star of BTS, has fallen in love with all his fans with his incredible angelic voice.

The idol of BigHit is celebrating his 26th birthday, fans created various projects to congratulate the idol on his special day, from events in cafes, light shows, messages on social networks and advertisements in the largest shopping center in the world in Dubai, have also recognized Jimin’s vocal talent.

Throughout his career with BTS, there have been several times that Jimin has shown the talent he possesses, not only in dancing, but also in singing, as he has managed to captivate the hearts of ARMY with each of his performances, as the sweet tone of his voice adds much more feeling to the songs and creates a great listening experience for fans.

From solos like “Filter”, “Serendipity” and “Promise”, Jimin has captured his singing voice in a delicate and sweet way, something that combines perfectly with his dance, since having studied dance it can complement his precise movements, and sometimes sexy, with the calm and tranquility that his voice transmits.

To celebrate Jimin’s 26th birthday, we leave you a list of the 7 moments where his angelic voice transported ARMY to a state of musical tranquility full of harmony with each of his notes.

Jimin’s best moments

The idol celebrates his birthday with the love and projects that ARMY organized

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Angel Voice: During the release of their Japanese singles, BTS performed various performances and Jimin wowed fans with his voice.

Filter: During his online concert Map of the soul ON: E, Jimin was able to present his solo Filter, where he demonstrated his sexy and captivating side through his voice.

Dynamite: Their latest single, Dynamite, which has broken great records, was also yet another chance for Jimin to delight ARMY with his sweet voice.

Zero O’clock: During his Bang Bang Con concert, Jimin surprised with his talent, as he sang a BTS single a cappella and revealed the sweetness of his voice.

Serendipity: One of his best known solos, this song is special for ARMY and one where his voice stands out for its beauty and delicacy.

Love Myself: Self love is one of the messages that BTS has given to their fans, the message becomes much more emotional thanks to Jimin’s voice.

Dancing and singing in harmony: Jimin’s voice has great stability, is very sweet and contrasts perfectly with the delicate movements of his dance.


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