BTS: J-Hope’s lovely story and photos as a student


BTS’s J-Hope became a trend on Twitter after some cute photos surfaced from his time as a student.

The story of the ‘Golden hyung’ and his cute photos from his time as a high school student went viral on Twitter a few days ago, despite having their origin in a post made in early 2015.

According to information obtained by the Somagnews team, it all came from a review about the music video “I NEED U” by BTS (belonging to their third EP The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1). In fact, it was the author of the post himself who revealed the story of J-Hope.

“BTS is the only boy group that I follow because one of the members is a friend I met in high school. We also ended up going to the same middle school and we remained friends until our senior year. The friend I’m referring to is J-Hope, ”said the reviewer.

During his time with ‘Hobi’, he noticed that he was very talented: “Hoseok was good at dancing and had many skills since high school. I even remember him doing a dance show at our school festival. He also did several dance competitions and won awards as well.

The young man immortalized their friendship J-Hope

As he recounts, both took different paths over the years. However, he acknowledges that before that happened he wanted to immortalize their friendship with several photos, predicting that one day Jung Hoseok would become a star.

“Back then we took these photos saying: Maybe these photos will appear later as‘ Jung Hoseok past photos ’(something that came true thanks to BTS). Hoseok, I will continue to support you from afar. So please continue to show us the best of you, “he concluded.

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