BTS: J-Hope’s heartbreaking granny problem


BTS’s J-Hope is an emotional man, he is usually very hyper when full of joy and sheds tears when he is sad.

ARMY loves the fact that J-Hope and the other BTS guys aren’t afraid to show their true feelings. Guys are so in tune with their emotions that when they are extremely happy they show his jumping around, laughing openly, and thanking their blessings.

These incredible men cry when they feel the need to; there is no place for toxic masculinity here. Take BTS’s J-Hope, for example. Jung Hoseok is an emotional man and he is proud of it. He is hyperactive when full of joy, and sheds tears when sad.

There are no concepts of pretending or “repressing your emotions because you are a real man” here. When he feels something, it really shows on his face, and that can be noticed during one of BTS’s past shows when they “gave hope” to grandmothers in need.

On that show a grandmother shared that during the winter, she really can’t get warm because she has no money and she started crying. J-Hope couldn’t help but shed his tears and feel Grandma’s pain as well. However, Hobi would not limit himself to just crying.

The rapper and the other BTS guys made an effort to help him live in a much better environment. First, Jin and Suga, along with J-Hope, cleaned their entire house to prepare it for the insulating wallpaper. Then they carefully applied the insulating wallpaper so it could help keep his warm.

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J-Hope helped granny check his house

The BTS members were also assisted by staff who delivered basic supplies to the surrounding grandmothers. After everything was ready, Suga, Jin, and the “Chicken Noodle Soup” performer helped the adorable grandmother check out her house.

The cute granny couldn’t hide his excitement and mentioned that she was really satisfied with what BTS had done to help his. Reading everything about this emotional encounter is enough to make you shed some tears, right?

Perhaps the reason the BTS members are close to each other is because they have been together despite multiple difficulties. After all, it’s intense moments like this that help you bond, right?


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