BTS: J-Hope surprised ARMY after wearing weird outfits


BTS’s J-Hope has left ARMY totally shocked after he appeared in extremely casual clothes in the preview for the survival show I-LAND.

ARMY, the fandom name of BTS, has been excited that the seven boys in the group will certainly appear on the survival show I-LAND. This was first learned from the video released by Mnet (I-LAND’s broadcast manager) on Tuesday, August 11, 2020.

Previously, fans had speculated that BTS would replace Zico as a mentor at I-LAND. As is known, the rapper has just entered the military service as of July 30, 2020 and has to stop all his artistic activities. However, in the preview there was a boy who took the stares, it is J-Hope.

Hoseok appeared in the promotional video for I-LAND with very peculiar clothes, in fact he was the member of the group that stood out the most, or at least that’s what the ARMY says. Upon entering the stage, the seven silhouettes of BTS were shown, making the atmosphere even more tense.

In addition to BTS’s appearance, fans highlighted the clothing worn by J-Hope. At that time, Hoseok, was wrapped in a super casual outfit, different from the other six members. He only wore shorts, a black T-shirt paired with a long outerwear, and flip flops.

J-Hope became a trend thanks to ARMY

As expected, the ARMY has made the appearance of J-Hope a joke on social networks, mainly on Twitter. In fact, there are those who say that the idol is in the wrong suit or that the manager has lied to her if she is going to attend the I-LAND event. Without a doubt a complete madness.

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It should be remembered that J-Hope was one of the most applauded boys during the Dynamite teaser photos published in recent days. The idol, who decided to keep his hair black and not dyed it, posed casually in the teaser, with a serious expression and a relaxed posture, Hoseok caused the euphoria of the fans with his new look, because he looks very attractive.


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