BTS: J-Hope admits to being a Marvel fan


J-Hope and the other BTS members shared who their favorite Marvel Avengers are. As expected their choices were surprising.

They may not be Superman, Batman, or Anpanman. Still, these K-pop idols are superheroes to their fans. During an interview, J-Hope and the other BTS members shared who their favorite Marvel Avengers are and their choices surprised everyone.

Here’s what we know about BTS artists and their favorite MCU and Avengers: Endgame superheroes. These kids may be busy rehearsing, acting, and filming, but they still have time to watch some of their favorite movies. That, of course, includes blockbusters like Marvel’s Avengers.

It is worth mentioning that the BTS members have been fans of the MCU for a few years now. During the choreography of “Idol,” the group took advantage of the poses of superheroes, posing as some of their favorite Marvel characters. Jimin showed his “spider senses”.

RM posed with a shield, like Captain America. V posed palm out, much like Iron Man does in various Avengers movies. However, in 2019, members of this K-pop group confirmed some of their favorite Marvel heroes during a video for AMP 97.1 Radio.

This was right after the premiere of Marvel Avengers: Endgame, and the guys were still talking about it during the interview. When asked who their favorites were, the boys shared that it was a tough question. RM replied that Iron Man was his favorite character, and we totally see the similarities.

While Tony Stark / Iron Man is more or less a genius with a soft side and is the leader of the Avengers, Kim Namjoon is a real genius, apparently having an IQ of 148. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s also the leader of the most popular K-Pop group of the moment.

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