BTS Is The King Of Business And Can Even Sell Gum


BTS idols revived the gum industry, how did they do it? BTS is probably the King Midas of today because everything idols touch instantly turns to gold, this time they managed to reactivate the gum industry.

BTS is an amazing K-Pop band , although outside of music , they have also made a great impact because there is no company that does not want to collaborate with these idols and they know very well that a deal with them will end up being a success thanks to ARMY , his faithful fandom that spans the entire planet.

So we have seen that Bangtan Sonyeondan is relevant even for business , collaborating with brands like Samsung , McDonald’s or Louis Vuitton , the idols show their power and influence in terms of the market as well; But the fans are happy about these participations as well, because the benefit comes from obtaining merch or new products with the image of their favorite idols.

In South Korea they are not without the full support of fans in their home country and Bangtan continues to boost their nation’s economy by collaborating with brands originating in Korea , BTS can see it all!


The South Korean confectionery brand Lotte Xylitol , decided to collaborate with the Bangtan Boys and place their image for one of their products, the candy they chose was chewing gum ; After the business suffered a slump due to the worldwide contingency, sales increased by as much as 20% thanks to Bangtan .

The companies in this field had been trying to revitalize their industry and Bangtan Sonyeondan came to achieve it, now everyone wants to chew gum thanks to the idols and they demonstrate once again that they have great power and that their popularity even has an effect on the economy.


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