BTS Is Nominated For MTV Hottest Summer SuperStar


BTS is part of the eighth edition of these polls and their fans will be able to demonstrate the popularity of the group. The annual MTV Hottest vote has started and BTS is part of the competition.

A new stage of voting has begun in the world of music and the idol group of the moment is part of it. MTV has revealed who are the nominated artists to be crowned as the favorite of this season.

This is the eighth time the channel has directed the voting for the MTV Hottest Summer SuperStar, where fans from 50 groups and artists compete to demonstrate the popularity of their favorite singers.

Did you participate in the previous edition? BTS was the winner after her nomination in 2019, so the fans of this idol group are probably willing to show their full support again.

If it is the first time that you have participated in this vote or you have forgotten the procedure, here we explain what you should do.

Voting for MTV Hottest Summer SuperStar is done by Twitter under a very simple dynamic, you only have to share tweets where you include the hashtag ‘#MTVHottest’ followed by ‘BTS’, so you will be adding one vote for each tweet.

Retweets also count, so when you find this hashtag in other posts on your timeline, don’t hesitate to give them retweet to add extra votes.

Voting has already started and will be active until August 24, prepare your Twitter account and join other fans to get a bigger advantage.

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