BTS: Is Jin thinking of taking a break from K-Pop?


BTS: Jin spoke to the ARMY about the importance of resting whenever they need it, does it mean that he will leave K-Pop?

As we informed you in Somagnews, Jungkook, Jimin and V, took advantage of the promotion of “BE” to write a series of open letters to fans, called, “Dear ARMY”, where they poured their hearts and asked the fandom to respond. .

In the postcard written by Jin and Jungkook, the Dynamite singers spoke with fans about their favorite memories of BTS and what happiness means to them. Furthermore, they asked fans to tell them how they will remember them later.

Jin’s cute postcard

Jin’s postcard also raised a pertinent question for the ARMY, as he wrote, “After working hard, I’m now taking a break not by our own choice, but then I feel like I’m in top shape. Dear ARMY, don’t forget to take a break, even if you are busy. Q. What is your happiest moment? ”

To which fans replied, “Dear Jin Oppa, my happiest moment is seeing 7 happy and healthy people wherever you are … I love you always”, while another said, “#TO_Jin #TO_BTS I spend my time I rest with you Jin my WWH. I feel the happiest person in this world when I’m with BTS. I watch BTS Weverse live, everyone listens to your songs and of course I’m glad when I talk to my best friend and spend time with my mom. ” .

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Although some ARMY members wonder if Jin’s message about resting when needed means that he would be willing to leave BTS – even temporarily – in the middle of the musical comeback.

So far, neither Jin nor Big Hit Entertainment, or any of their fellow BTS members have given any signs that the idol is about to take that necessary “break”, so for now the ARMY can enjoy the music of the stars. of K-Pop.


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