BTS is included in Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the “50 Greatest Concept Albums of All Time”.


We have lost count of the achievements and praises of BTS, as there are so many of them. Do you think they have a room dedicated to all their awards?

Anyway, the famous American magazine Rolling Stone has added a new achievement to the list of BTS.

On October 12, the magazine announced a list of the “50 greatest concept albums of all time”, and the boys got on this list!

In the list we find all musical genres, ranging from rock to R&B, going through punk or even hip-hop. According to the magazine, the albums on the list are “themed albums linked by a very specific mood or interconnected songs… which require listening to the entire recording.” Therefore, in this list we will find “recordings defining the most ambitious music”.

BTS appeared at number 25 in this litre with their 2020 album “Soul Map: 7“, receiving such praise as: “Seven BTS members borrow terms from Jungian philosophy — personality, shadow and ego — to paint a complete portrait of their “true self”.”

Michelle Hyun Kim, who wrote a review of the BTS album, added: “Before BTS, few pop idols tried to express the anxiety associated with maintaining such a visible public image, which, as a rule, does not correspond to their “true self”. But with Map of the Soul: 7 and heartbreaking tracks like “Black Swan,” the Bangtan Boys have demolished their stage facades, exposing their fame-fueled fears with poignant introspection. »

ARMI can be proud and happy that BTS members are understood and appreciated by leading music critics.


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