BTS is Coming, Dynamite is the name of their new song


BTS is Coming! Dynamite is the name of her next single, are you ready?n The group continues with the countdown to the comeback, the first countdown ends in 23 hours, but the group has already revealed the first teaser of their new release and it seems that they will retake the concept that characterizes them accompanied by a retro design.

After releasing their latest album in February, BTS prepares to surprise their fans with their new song, “Dynamite” to be the title of this pre-single, a preview of their upcoming album.

Through the social networks of BTS and BigHit, the first comeback teaser was revealed which shows the name of the song formed by retro letters on a pink background and the legend “Coming” and will be released this August 21, only 19 days to go.

BTS also changed the entire design of their profiles, with pastel colors and a logo in pink and black, the combination for the album design? ARMY celebrated the news and quickly positioned the #BTS_Dynamite hashtag on global trends.

No further details were revealed in this regard, but it seems that “Dynamite” will resume the origin of Bangtang Boys (Bulletproof Boys), the word fits perfectly with the concept of the group, this is an essential element to create an explosion and BTS seeks do it with your song.

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