BTS is a victim of racism with an illustration and ARMY demands respect


A magazine published an inappropriate drawing of the members of BTS for the results of the GRAMMY awards, this was the response of ARMY.

After their first nomination at the 2021 GRAMMY Awards, the boys of BTS experienced another episode of racism, Topps magazine published a cartoon of K-pop idols mocking the results of the ceremony.

Bangtan Sonyeondan cemented his name as a band of K-pop international ceremony at number 63 of the GRAMMY Awards , although artists did not win their first nomination , acquiesced to the public with a stylish and fun presentation.

Recently, Topps magazine published a series of cartoons in the Garbage Pail Kids section about the latest edition of the GRAMMYs, where it featured artists like Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles at the award ceremony. However, the illustration dedicated to BTS attracted attention , the image showed the idols with blows and added details that hinted at the statuette that is awarded to the GRAMMY winners .

Topps’s illustration about BTS was not well received by the public, since beyond being taken as a “satire” towards the awards, it was one more example of the aggression and discrimination that Asians receive and how normalized these actions are. for many. Some fans wonder: if they weren’t the only ones who lost at the GRAMMYs, why are they the only ones to get a cartoon this way?

ARMY from around the world took to social media to demand respect, a public apology, and asked Big Hit Entertainment agency to take legal action against the post.

With several hashtags that became trending as #RacismIsNotComedy, #BIGHITProtectYourArtists, #BIGHITWeWantJustice, #AsiansAreHuman, #ToppsRACIST and #StopAsianHate, the fans of the South Korean group described the cartoon as a clear racist action , discrimination and xenophobia .


Through social networks official magazine, published a message about the caricature of BTS , wrote they heard and understood their consumers, apologized for including the drawing and said they removed the image of BTS publication.

Topps’ words were not well received by ARMY, as they believe it was not a sincere apology, netizens posted that the media covered their actions, arguing freedom of expression and comedy.

ARMY recalled the phrases and messages of the artists they shared in important speeches against violence, they also distributed templates to send emails to Big Hit and update them on the situation.

BTS fans reflected on the harassment and discrimination that Asians receive in all parts of the world because of their appearance, nationality, or profession.

Weeks ago, the BTS guys received messages of support from MAX, Lauv and more following racist comments from German radio Bayern3 and DJ Matthias Matuschik.