BTS invites ARMY to join the Dynamite Challenge at TikTok


BTS invites you to join the “Dynamite Challeng” on Tik Tok with this video. The promotions of their new single have started and the guys at BigHit want ARMY to feel the energy of this song, which was a stroke of luck while they were working on their next album while they suffered the ravages of the global pandemic that has not improved. until now.


Through their official Twitter account, BTS shared a new clip of “Dynamite”, this time it is a mini dance version, the idols appear in BigHit’s practice room wearing casual clothes as they line up and begin to dance to the rhythm of your new single, as colorful letters appear on the screen.

This video is to invite ARMY to perform the “Dynamite” challenge on Tik Tok, an app that has become very popular in recent months and that provides a boost for new releases, since music tracks can go viral and reach more public that do not know certain artists.


The challenge is very simple, the choreography of “Dynamite” is to enjoy, dance and fill yourself with energy, the clip lasts 23 seconds, where you only have to first move your shoulders to the rhythm of the music and then follow a few simple steps in the 90s style and just as it was danced in the discos at that time.

In the end, he follows a series of steps filly to finish with the signature poses that Michael Jackson performed during him career. The members of Bangtan shared 2 clips so that you can meet the challenge, depending on which one you like the most, because you can do it as a couple or in a group.

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Both publications already exceed half a million likes on Tik Tok. Have you already joined the challenge? BTS is very popular and this platform can boost the success of Dynamite if it goes viral, plus the rhythm and lyrics immediately invite you to be part of a party and cheer up.


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