BTS introduces TinyTAN, their new animated characters


Meet the 7 TinyTAN characters, they were inspired by BTS idols and rappers. On July 30, Big Hit Entertainment formally presented the agency’s new project, TinyTAN are 7 animated characters inspired by the personalities and tastes of the members of BTS.

An introductory video posted to the official @TinyTAN_official Twitter account was the way the K-pop company revealed all the adorable designs by Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, RM, V, and Suga.

To get to know TinyTAN members better, we show you the profiles of each one, as well as the characteristics that identify them, do not forget to share us in the comments, Who is your favorite TinyTAN character?

The character of TinyTAN inspired by RM define him as ‘Unbreakable tenderness’, his characteristics are: perseverance, destruction, he is intelligent, insightful and a quick thinker.

The TinyTAN character inspired by Jin is defined as ‘Worldwide Cutie’, the characteristics of this cute characters are: he makes jokes and jokes about dad, he is responsible, an explosion of laughter and the life of the party.

The TinyTAN character inspired by Suga is ‘Sweetie with Swagger’ or ’Sweet with swag’, her characteristics are: he is honest, very creative, foresight, tsundere and supine.

The J-Hope-inspired TinyTAN character is called ‘Little Hope Right’ or ‘A Little Hope Right Here’ and he is a talented leader in dance, performance, quick learning, sound effects, and talented.

The TinyTAN character inspired by Jimin is a encantador Charming little angel ’and some of his characteristics are: he is very considerate of others, he is a modern, artistic, overworked and perfectionist boy.

The TinyTAN character inspired by Taehyung is a precioso Precious Baby Bear ’and some of his characteristics are: he is visual, talent generator, tenacious, expressive and free-spirited.

The TinyTAN character inspired by Jungkook is ‘Adorable Golden Baby’ and some of his characteristics are: he is very confident, his talent is patience and he always points to the sky.

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