BTS Inspires A New LEGO Collection That ARMYs Wish They Had


BTS inspires Lego and the brand of armable toys will have a new collection of the boy band that ARMY will love, when will it go on sale?

BTS fans can always have different items in their collection because this boy band has collaborated with many brands that launch amazing products with the image, signature and essence of the members of the group and that ARMY never hesitates to acquire.

There is Bangtan Sonyeondan merch of all kinds, from decoration items, school supplies, beauty products, food, drinks, personal use products, among much more that the fandom has in its collection that never stops growing.

Brands such as McDonald’s, Lotte, Samsung, Funko Pop, among others, have launched special products for Bangtan fans that have been great successes thanks to the support of fans from all over the world who have a more complete collection every day.

This time, LEGO will work with BTS to launch a new collection of buildable figures and you will want to have them all, what will these new toys of the idols of the group be like?


LEGO listened to BTS fans to create a new collection of figures inspired by the boy band’s ‘Dynamite’ MV, their first song in English that has become iconic will become these small figures that ARMY will be able to buy.

This was because two fans of Bangtan Sonyeondan sent their model for the toy brand’s ‘LEGO Ideas’ project and this model of two ARMYs has been accepted, the brand even gave some words for BTS.

We are absolutely excited to bring BTS, one of the most popular and influential bands on LEGO Bricks, to life through one of their biggest hits: ‘Dynamite’. The South Korean band has changed the pop music landscape and become a global phenomenon with their authentic and fun music, top-notch performances, and positive messages.

This is how BTS will come to LEGO with this new Dynamite collection that ARMY will love to have in their extensive collection of the group.


There is still no release date for this LEGO x BTS collection, since the projects they selected for new collections of the buildable toy brand were barely announced, so we will wait for them to announce the sale of this new version of the idols of Bangtan, as long as we listen to the song that inspired it.

In the future there will be more details about this new collection of BTS and LEGO, it only remains to wait patiently for ARMY to have them on their shelves.

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