BTS-Inspired Law Could Modify Korean Military Service


The Defense Commission proposed a reform to the National Assembly, if approved, K-pop idols could delay their military service until 30 years of age. This is all we know.

BTS is one of the most popular bands of the moment, this 2020 much was discussed about the entry of singers and rappers to military service, various speculations came to light, but none is official.

The BTS Military Service Act was created in order for idols to delay their entry into the military forces, this reform perceives celebrities and public figures who put the name of South Korea high.

The Defense Commission of the National Assembly was in charge of the revision of all the points that contemplate the new law, which previously only protected high-ranking athletes, now it includes artists, actors and musicians.


The law has already been approved for review, so in the 6 months after the act a plenary session will be held to analyze its pros and cons, there is still a little bit left to know the final verdict.

Within the Korean National Assembly chamber there is no opposition to accept the reform, the two parties that hold political positions believe that it will be a good option for the country to keep idols active until after 30 years.

Other elements that public officials will take into account for the approval of the law are the awards and cultural achievements that the hallyu wave groups achieved. The Bangtan Boys received the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit medal, so many netizens believe that the band deserves to promote more time together.

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