BTS In The Soop 2 Is Coming, What Will We See In The New Season?


Band members BTS return with more content for ARMY and RM gave an exciting spoiler. The fun has no limits thanks to BTS, the Butter singers will present new episodes of In The Soop and thanks to the leader of the group we have a preview.

Throughout the race of the idol group of Hybe have enjoyed very different content, the boys usually prepare videos for fans with different themes and many of them see them learn new activities, play, travel and even compete.

In The Soop for example, took us to know a relaxed side of BTS , as the members traveled to a house in the middle of nature and beautiful landscapes to enjoy some free time. The jokes, group activities, and hobbies were present, but we also got to know a little more about the individuality of the idols.

The second season of In The Soop is already official and will premiere in October, but what will happen in the next episodes of this reality show? Namjoon helps us give us an idea.


The group leader greeted Bangtan Sonyeondan’s fans on Weverse and also answered some questions that show ARMY’s curiosity and interest, so In The Soop 2’s theme couldn’t be left out.

RM said that in this new season we would see a group of strong guys showing a cute side, which quickly got the fans excited. The spoiler did not stop there and this rapper pointed out that it would be a blockbuster that would mark the 2021 and it would be practically a success at the box office.

The idol’s comments raised expectations about this show, so stay tuned because we will tell you about any news about the new series of these artists.


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