BTS impressed the Backstreet Boys at the Grammy Awards in 2022.


Recently, the boy band Backstreet Boys visited the TV program “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, where he talked about his “DNA World Tour 2022” tour. The members of this group talked about their activities and how they were surprised by the presentation of BTS at the GRAMMY 2022.

The K-Pop group made a presentation at the 64th Grammy Awards Ceremony in 2022. The BTS members did an original choreography in the style of a secret mission with the song “Butter”, this performance greatly influenced everyone, even the Backstreet Boys.

Now the band from the USA is preparing for their tour “DNA World Tour 2022”. Backstreet Boys not only revealed the number of songs that will be presented at their presentations, but also confirmed the presence of choreography. This greatly affected the driver Kelly Clarkson.


“The Kelly Clarkson Show” is a program hosted by Kelly Clarkson, sorry for the redundancy, in which many artists perform and talk about their projects, as did the members of the Backstreet Boys group. In the aforementioned show, they commented on the songs that will be part of their concerts.

Brian mentioned that these are 32 songs, including their greatest hits, and not only that. Nick stated that they would dance throughout the event. Which surprised the presenter and singer Kelly Clarkson very much, because everyone knows that singing and dancing at the same time is very difficult.

But if anyone surprised the Backstreet Boys, it was the members of the K-Pop group. In recent days, BTS performed at the GRAMMY Awards and attracted the attention of many with their original presentation with the song “Butter” in the style of secret agents. What did the translators say I Want In That Way?


Kelly Clarkson was surprised by the following Backstreet Boys projects, but no one was more than her. Since Nick added that they will not dance in the style of BTS, but will. The K-Pop group is well known for their intricate choreography and the strong influence they have left on the music industry.

It is once again confirmed that the boys from BTS knew how to attract the attention of the public, as well as artists. Undoubtedly, the Backstreet Boys have joined the list of American celebrities admiring the work of the interpreters of “Permission to Dance”.

Currently, the South Korean boy band is preparing for its concerts, which will be held in Las Vegas on April 8, 9 and 15, 16 at Allegiant Stadium. We hope that something will happen soon between both groups, who know perfectly well how to win the hearts of fans of different generations.

Although the members of the Backstreet Boys did not talk about cooperation with BTS. I’m sure many people would like to see the interaction of both groups in the studio or on stage. Do you think maybe BTS won a Grammy, and the hearts of the performers are “Everybody”.

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