BTS Image from Season 8 of Chicago Med Hints at Dylan’s Return


A new BTS image from the “Chicago Medics” star teases the return of Dylan Scott in season 8. The latest hit of the Chicago franchise created by Dick Wolf, “Chicago Medics” tells the stories of doctors and nurses working at the Gaffney Medical Center in Chicago. A behind-the-scenes pilot was shown as an episode of Chicago Fire in April 2015, and by November of the same year, the first season premiered. The hugely successful medical drama concluded its seventh season in May this year. With the start of the 8th season of Chicago Med in September, many wondered about the fate of their favorite medical professionals.

Chicago Medical Center is no stranger to changing characters: the City of Chicago, Molly and Dr. Halsted Nick Gelfus are among the hosts of the show. Fortunately, screenwriters and actors are able to make the audience fall in love with new characters. The seventh season introduced Dr. Dylan Scott played by Guy Lockhardt and Dr. Stevie Hammer played by Kristen Hager, and also added Dr. Dean Archer played by Steven Weber as a regular character of the series. Scott, in particular, quickly became a fan favorite due to the fact that he was a police officer, and warmth as a specialist in pediatrics. In the shocking finale of the 7th season of Chicago Medics, he and Halstead found themselves in a life-threatening situation, trapped in a burning building, which made his future fate uncertain.

Luckily, Lockard recently shared a photo via Instagram that seems to confirm the return of his character in the 8th season of “Chicago Medics.” In the image, Locard poses in his trademark uniform and greets a mirror. In response to a comment about whether the new season is being filmed, he claims that yes.

After the thrilling cliffhanger of season 7, as well as Hager’s unexpected mid-season departure after her short stint on the series, it was unclear if this would be the end of the line for Dr. Scott. The stars of Chicago Med had previously teased a surprise in the finale, giving rise to many theories. Fortunately, it seems that viewers will have at least one more season with the good doctor before he hangs up his uniform. There are many more stories to tell with the character, so it’s gratifying that there will be enough time to explore his journey further. Dr. Scott’s fate in the finale was the result of him blurring the boundaries between his past as a cop and his present as a doctor, which he struggled to balance throughout the season, it is likely that Season 8 will begin with him facing the consequences of this. fighting.

Dr. Scott’s past as a cop has made him a rich and attractive character since his appearance. With his return guaranteed for next season, and his storyline already gaining momentum to counter his long-standing commitment to law enforcement, there may be the possibility of a crossover with the Chicago police. In addition, the consequences of a fire can lead to a fire in Chicago. The last crossover of Chicago Med was the three-part storyline “Infection” back in 2019. Perhaps the continuation of Dr. Scott’s storyline will take the Chicago show to new heights in season 8.


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