BTS: Idols Choose The Members Who Dress The Best


BTS are unrivaled about fashion, but who among them have a style that stands out? Who are the members of BTS who have incredible style when dressing?

The K-Pop idols themselves answered this question and confessed that 2 of them are the true fashionistas of the band.

V, Suga, Jungkook, Jin, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope experimented with their looks , ARMY witnessed the changes in idols , as in each musical era or comeback they presented a new facet that combined with their concept.

From debut, the BTS members wore sensations with outfits completely inspired by Hip Hop: baggy T-shirts, gold chains, accessories such as sunglasses, tennis shoes, and much more.

Which of the idols of Big Hit Entertainment dress better? Probably if you asked ARMY this they answered that they all have a particular style, but the response of the singers and rappers will impress you.


During a fashion interview , Bangtan Sonyeondan gave take on the best-dressed members within the lineup, two of whom came out winners and got almost the same number of points.

The BTS members who dress the best according to their own peers are: RM with first place and V with second. : 0 Later the leader of the group shared that for him fashion was about a lot of confidence and attitude.


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Jimin assured that he chose Namjoon and Taehyung because they dress like themselves and do not care about the criticism of others, they can also wear any outfit and they will always look just as good:

They can express themselves well with clothes, which is why I chose them.

Jin defined RM’s style as a mixture of warmth and comfort, although he likes his proposal very much, the oldest of BTS would not wear the same as his colleague. Would you try a look similar to V’s?

The ‘Stigma’ singer talked about his favorite clothes, among them were: T-shirts with long sleeves, oversized clothes, wool sweaters, baggy pants, and oversized jackets.


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