BTS: How would you propose to your future girlfriends?


How would the members of BTS ask for marriage ?, because they revealed the romantic phrases that they would use for that magical moment.

The 7 members of BTS have been very focused on their career as musicians, they are currently one of the bands that represents K-pop worldwide, thanks to their constant work and talent.

In the upcoming plans of rappers and singers from Big Hit Entertainment, marriage is not contemplated, but they have expressed their future wishes to form a beautiful family, visualizing themselves as parents and husbands.

As part of a dynamic at an autograph signing in Japan, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, V, RM, and Suga shared the special way they would ask for their girlfriend’s hand, the romantic phrases idols chose for you. they will fall in love.


Jin, the oldest of the group, is a boy with a very pleasant and funny personality, the BTS singer would ask his girlfriend with a direct phrase:

let’s get married


Hoseok would take out all his charms to propose to his partner, with a big smile the BTS rapper would say to his future wife:

I want to be the person to put a ring on your fourth finger


The leader of BTS is a very sensitive and deep artist, the girl next to him will be very lucky, because the idol will ask him to marry with this phrase:

Stay with me


BTS’s Suga is an idol who has a mysterious aura that makes him unique, he’s a bit reserved, but he would ask the ideal person for him with the phrase:

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Let’s live together. I’m yours

Suga is very direct.


Park Jimin is an idol who transforms on stage, he is very tender and has habits that make him adorable, he would ask his girlfriend to marry him with the phrase:

Do you want to get married?


Kim Taehyung is a very talented idol, composing, writing, singing and dancing, he has a gift for expressing his emotions, V would propose to his partner like this:

What to do ?, I think I feel something for you


The junior member of the Bangtan Boys would be sincere and express all his feelings for that person who has stolen his heart, asking him to stay with him forever with the phrase:

Be mine

Jungkook would smile to finalize his marriage proposal.


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