BTS: How much did Jungkook’s jacket cost in Dynamite?


The BTS members wore amazing Gucci outfits for the video for the song Dynamite. Look how much Jungkook’s jacket cost.

Dynamite has been in the first places of trends on YouTube, it has become one of the ARMY’s favorite songs, and the video is a great gem.

Dynamite Outfits – BTS

Every detail of the video was perfectly planned and in addition to all the colors and locations that were used, the outfits of each member were incredible but the costs are somewhat high.

On this occasion, Gucci was the brand in charge of dressing young people, and one of those who attracted the most attention was Jungkook, who made himself look very serious with a very elegant jacket or jacket.

Jungkook, the smallest of BTS, surprised with a sober look. He wore a $ 2,800 GUCCI wool jacket. Also on a $ 460 strap.

So is! The clothes Jungkook used in the video cost almost 50,000 Mexican pesos, a fairly high amount that not everyone could afford.

Jungkook in Dynamite

Little Jungkook has become one of the ARMY’s favorites, just look at all the solo scenes he had in Dynamite, from the beginning this boy appears alone in a room.

Later we can also see him alone when he is leaving the donut shop and his companions are outside waiting for him.

Without a doubt, each of the members has their moments of glory in each of their videos, but we cannot deny that Jungkook stood out in this video. Who was your favorite on Dynamite?

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