BTS: How Many People Watched Permission To Dance On Stage?


Permission to Dance On Stage was BTS’s online concert, how many countries saw this great event? BTS breaks their own record once again, the idols offered their virtual concert Permission to Dance on Stage that ARMY could not miss and being a global fandom, in countries around the planet this great event was enjoyed, how many people did it? did you see?

With Permission to Dance on Stage , the idols of BTS showed that they are more than ready to return to the face-to-face concerts and give the best of themselves to ARMY , their great fandom that never stops supporting them and showing them all their love; the talents of these artists have managed to conquer the world.

Bangtan Sonyeondan has millions of fans all over the planet, it would be difficult to find a place where there is not at least one fan of this K-Pop group ; The boys of this boy band have achieved their success based on the effort, work, and dedication they have put into music, their songs convey their emotions and with beautiful personalities they completely captivate the hearts of the public.

So it is common for the Bangtan Boys to break their own records with the virtual concert modality , this idol group has made various online presentations that have sold quite a few tickets, having at least one million users watching the show.

Sowoozoo and MOTS ON: E are examples of the online concerts that BTS has given, ARMY did not stop supporting these events and enjoying all the talent of their favorite idols from the comfort of their home; With PTD On Stage , excitement for your upcoming live performances is heightened.


It is estimated that BTS’s Permission to Dance On Stage was seen by at least 1.4 million people in 197 different regions around the world , with this, the idols would break their last record , since in Sowoozoo they had 1.33 million viewers who watched. the event in 195 regions.

ARMY joined their soul and heart to see their favorite idols on stage and they show that they are the biggest and most loving fandom for Bangtan , without a doubt all the achievements of the band are due to the great teamwork with their faithful fanbase .

This is how BTS breaks their own record and reaches great achievements thanks to all the support that ARMY gives them, the fandom can’t wait for their face-to-face concerts .


BTS’s Permission to Dance on Stage will arrive in the United States with face-to-face concerts that will have at least 280 thousand people , since the place where it will take place has a capacity of 70 thousand people and 4 dates will be given for K group events. -Pop.

The concerts Bangtan US will be on 27 and 28 November and 1 and 2 December, tickets are sold out and is expected to announce the boy band dates to more places in the world.