BTS: How many Guinness Records do you currently have?


BTS idols have not only won awards, they are also in the Guiness Book of Records. BTS has won world fame, awards, and nominations in very important galas in music, but they have also broken impressive records and are now in the Guiness Record books, do you know how many of these they have?

Bangtan Sonyeondan has impressed the whole world with the talents of its 7 members, they all dance, sing and have excellent personalities and charismas that have won the hearts of millions of fans; they have been nominated for awards of international relevance; they have awards and recognitions not only for their music but also for becoming cultural attractions.

All the fame and popularity of BTS, as well as all the recognitions they have won, are nothing more than the fruit of all the effort and passion that they have put into their work and in which they always stand out by demonstrating all the talent and skills they have. these disciplined idols.

But the music of Bangtan has managed to extend beyond this art and has broken records than any other group has the Guinness Book of Records has been added to this group of K-Pop in its edition for several years thanks to the achievements of the band.


BTS has appeared in the different annual editions of the Guiness Book of Record 33 times as the data is collected annually for the records that were broken and the Bangtan Boys have even managed to break their own Guiness Records year after year.

 If there is already much to admire from Bangtan, their Guinness Records set the bar even higher for many artists who, although they stand out in the music industry, may not be able to achieve what BTS has achieved thanks to their music and ARMY.


Although BTS has been rated 33 times in the Guinness Book of Records, some records are repeated as Bangtan breaks its same mark, currently, it has the following records in the book:

  • Most viewed K-pop group music video on YouTube in 24 hours
  • A higher number of interactions on Twitter
  • The highest number of interactions on Twitter for a musical group
  • Most viewed music video on YouTube in 24 hours
  • First Korean artist to reach No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart
  • First Korean artist to reach number one on the Billboard Artist 100
  • First K-pop group to break into the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100
  • Most viewed video on YouTube in 24 hours
  • Best-selling album in South Korea
  • Profile that reached one million followers the fastest on TikTok
  • Most weeks at number one on the Billboard Social 50 chart
  • Greater number of spectators for the transmission of a musical concert
  • K-pop band with the highest annual income
  • The highest number of simultaneous viewers for the premiere of a music video on YouTube Premieres
  • The highest number of viewers for the premiere of a video on YouTube
  • Increased number of viewers for the live broadcast of a musical concert on a personalized platform
  • Most Daesang (“Grand Prize”) Awards Won at Mnet Asian Music Awards
  • Most Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards won by a musical group
  • K-pop song with the most weeks on the Hot 100 chart
  • Most Weeks at Number One on the Billboard Digital Song Sales Chart
  • Artist with the most streams on Spotify
  • Music group with the highest number of followers on Instagram
  • Song with the highest number of streams on Spotify in 24 hours

 This gives a total of 23 different Guiness Records for Bangtan Sonyeondan, without a doubt, a high number of records that will surely continue to grow and that BTS should be very proud to have; something new to appreciate about this amazing K-Pop band.

Do you know how many awards BTS has won? They have managed to take home many trophies and have been nominated for world-class awards: 0.


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