BTS: How Many Brothers Does Jimin Have?


The Filter interpreter is very close to his family, we will tell you if Jimin has brothers and who they are. BTS idols have captured ARMY‘s attention, but also his family and loved ones. Find out a little more about Jimin’s family, does the idol have siblings?

Park Jimin has become an icon, both in current music and in the world of fashion. In addition to being a talented vocalist who makes ARMY fall in love with his vocal range, he is also a skilled dancer who delivers on stage, but the list of qualities goes on.

If we look outside the stage, this BTS member is charismatic and very close to his family, so on several occasions we have been moved by the gestures of affection that his parents share, do you already know the beings? dear of him?

Besides his parents, there is another member of his family members, Jimin has only one brother and is younger than the idol, today you can learn a little about him.


The only brother Jimin has from BTS is called Park Jihyun and as we mentioned, this boy is only a few years younger than the idol, as he was born in the year 1997.

He is currently 24 years old, while the Serendipity interpreter has just turned 26 in international age, being part of the 95 line.


Jimin’s brother is not a public figure and it is not common to learn about him through social networks, probably because despite being a relative of a music star, he prefers to keep his identity with a low profile.

Despite this, he and the idol once gave us a sweet moment through a live broadcast. They were out for a walk and Jimin invited Jihyun to appear in front of the cameras, at least showing his hand from the shore as a greeting to everyone who saw the live.