BTS: How Good is Jimin in Bed? The Idol Sleeps All Day


BTS’s Jimin has big dreams and loves to feed them by sleeping for a long time. Every time we know more about the idols of BTS, many aspects of their personality that even ARMY did not know, do you know how many hours Jimin sleeps? He is a very sleepy idol.

Have you imagined how your favorite idols sleep? Sometimes their TMIs are full of information that makes us imagine our favorite idols in their sweetest dreams; Just recently, for FESTA 2021, the BTS members told us how many pillows they slept on, and we had fun thinking about the padded idols’ breaks.

There is no doubt that all the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan need to rest because after all the hard effort they put into their work, they need a good time to sleep and regain energy to start a new day; although also many times we find that the schedules of our idols are a bit strange. But of course, it depends on what time your creativity awakens and you really want to work.

Jimin is one of the favorite idols in the entire industry, his way of dancing and singing has captivated thousands of hearts, this time, the idol told how much he likes to sleep and even his peers envy him for taking so much time to rest.


Jimin revealed how much he likes to sleep, the idol sleeps a lot, and even said that on his days off he sleeps basically all day, he gets up around 6 or 7 in the afternoon, even his fellow members RM and Jungkook were surprised to learn that that was what Mochi did on his days off.

And it is that, who does not love to sleep? Jimin has a history of sleepyhead already well known to ARMY.


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Let Mochi sleep! He even has trouble getting up.

Jimin should be called ‘The Sleeping Beauty’.


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Did you imagine how much Jimin slept? The bed is your favorite place and you can happily rest in yours and sleep for many hours, never stop dreaming, Jimin.

And speaking of dreams, Suga gave up one of his to become an idol, what did the BTS rapper leave behind?


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