BTS: How did the haters affect Suga?


Find out how the hater comments have affected Suga, one of BTS’s favorite rappers.

The glittering world of K-Pop is always accompanied by criticism of idol haters, and BTS’s rapper Suga has not been spared from negative and ill-intentioned comments.

No matter how many haters there are against him, the truth is that BTS’s idol is also balanced by the amount of affection that fans give him.

Despite the talented group BTS ARMY, they also have a lot of enemies who send their scathing comments to jobs, which for them are not good enough. BTS members have also been attacked by haters and Suga has not been spared from it.

It’s RM who often gets scathing comments from haters though. In a 2015 interview with Dong-a Ilbo, RM admitted that in the early years of his idol career, he read and took into account all the hateful comments he encountered.

RM also read and reacted to hateful comments on Mnet’s ‘4 Things Show’. But now, however, he did not care. On an episode of V LIVE, RM said, “You need to hear constructive criticism. Nothing is perfect.”

How did the haters affect Suga?

BTS idol Suga also took a similar approach, assuring that he doesn’t care what people say about him, stating, “You guys worry about hateful comments. I feel a little bad (for those who wrote them) because. .. I really didn’t read them, “he admits with his taciturn elegance.

“So the haters can hate as much as they want. Our agency will probably sue them. I didn’t read their comments, but they could be sued.”

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“There is no correct way to deal with them otherwise. Everyone is happy this way. Please write more, “Min Yoongi said. Obviously, this is a solid answer for those who hate Suga.

Well, after all, the idol world in South Korea is a world full of competition and every year there are many trainees who work hard to achieve their dreams. Therefore, it is not surprising that Suga and the other BTS idols who have achieved great success are constantly offended by haters, although the number of fans they have is certainly greater.


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