BTS: How did J-Hope get back to the K-Pop group?


BTS went through a long process before fully taking the stage, but the group’s main dancer J-Hope had decided not to debut. Learn how and why Jung Hoseok returned.

BTS is currently the most followed K-Pop group in the world, and has received great affection both as an ensemble and directed towards each of its seven members. One of the factors that also supported their closeness to ARMY (their fans), is the ease for them to identify with artists who do not hide their own humanity.

The case of J-Hope is no different. Real name Jung Hoseok, prior to BTS’s debut, the group’s now main dancer had made the difficult decision to abandon what he had pursued for years. This was revealed in an episode of “Burn The Stage”, the reality of the group in YouTube, where its members got together to remember old times.

Sitting at the table, sharing a dinner, the members began to review funny moments from their past. The mood turned serious afterwards as he recalled events such as Suga’s shoulder injury, which prevented him from continuing as a B-boy, followed by how BTS would have been different from how he is known, with J-Hope’s resignation to debut.

The members reminisced about the difficult time, and how Jungkook and Jimin didn’t hold back their tears after J-Hope revealed her decision to quit. Back then, RM decided to talk to the heads of his agency, Big Hit Entertainment, and told them how the group needed J-Hope in their ranks.

“I told them we need Jung Hoseok. We need Jung Hoseok, we can’t do it without him,” the group’s leader said. “I worked very hard to convince them,” he revealed about his attempts to bring J-Hope back, who on his side, expressed that he decided to return because he trusted the other 6 members of BTS.

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J-Hope returned to BTS for his friends and classmates

“Ah really, back then … I came back because I trusted you guys. We’ve worked together for a long time … it’s because they were there,” said J-Hope, known mostly for his cheerful and hardworking spirit. and her ability in many artistic areas, such as dance.

Jung Hoseok, however, could not have been very optimistic prior to his debut with the K-Pop group, as expressed by his fellow members on the BTS Festa 2016 radio special. “Now he is full of hope and very joyful.” alluding to his debut under the pseudonym “J-Hope”.


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