BTS heals ARMY’s hearts with their first MTV Unplugged


ARMY was able to enjoy an acoustic version of Bangtan with a new MTV project, and they also got excited with a new cover.

BTS surprise ARMY with their first MTV Unplugged concert, the idols performed acoustic songs from their album “BE” and opened their hearts to heal those of their own fans.

The K-pop group of the agency BigHit carried out their first musical project of 2021, after the release of their special edition of their latest album, the boys wanted to motivate their fans through a concert, in addition, Suga was able to return with the boys and sing with them again, this is how their show was lived “unplugged”.

As part of the “BE Essential Edition” promotions , BTS performed their MTV Unplugged concert, an acoustic performance.that made ARMY fall in love with the sweetness of their voices. This musical project is one of their first comebacks of 2021, in addition, the television music network has great prestige with this type of shows, since they are only performed by mega popular artists.

Although Bangtan has not been able to present an official performance of some of their songs, they decided to perform their latest hits, and they also shared encouraging messages. Jungkook revealed that he misses his fans and hopes to see them soon, V assured that they just want to give them good music, make them feel comfortable and heal their hearts. Suga appreciated being back with the guys and having a performance again.


The concept of this type of concert is to sing acoustically, without the original arrangements of the songs while performing in a room that creates a much more welcoming and intimate atmosphere. The idols had several different sets for each performance, a hall, a studio, and what appeared to be a garden.

BTS wore various outfits , such as white suits, brown plaid outfits, jeans, and casual wear. They also wore outfits in casual gray tones, each change of clothing was to perform songs like “Telepathy”, “Blue & Gray”, “Life Goes On” and “Dynamite” from their album BE. The unplugged concertshowed the potential of their voices by being slower and sweeter versions.

The surprise of the night was with the cover of “Fix You” by the band Coldplay, one of their biggest hits. Bangtan sent a message of healing for their fans to continue to overcome 2021. The performance exploited the high notes of Jimin and Jin, who harmonized with the other boys. The K-pop group became a trend on social media after their performance on MTV.

Besides having new music projects internationally, the boys are also recognized for their Korean impact and had a special mention in the drama “Vincenzo.”


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