BTS Has Surprising Billboard Hot 100 Achievement; This is How The ARMY Celebrated


BTS has a surprising Billboard Hot 100 achievement; this is how the ARMY celebrated. ARMY Trending K-Pop Band BTS Again.

BTS became a trend this Tuesday morning as the ARMY is working hard to show their support for the k-pop band. In addition, fans are looking for the new song ” Permission to Dance ” to break more records as did ” Butter ” their second single in English.

A few hours ago, Billboard reported that BTS became the first group to replace their own number one Hot 100 debut with “ Permission To Dance, ” which was held by “ Butter ” for seven consecutive weeks, an unprecedented event.

This is the fifth time that a song by the k-pop band has reached number one on the list of the ranking of the most popular singles in the United States, as it has already done so with “ Dynamite ”, “Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat) ”with Jawsh 685 and Jason Derulo, “ Life Goes On ”and recently with“ Butter ”

BTS follows in the footsteps of Michael Jackson

BTS was surprised by how quickly they placed their fifth song at number one on the Billboard chart because according to the music magazine, the South Korean group made this mark in just 10 months and 2 weeks.

According to Billboard data, no artist had matched that speed since Michael Jackson, who between 1987 and 1988, amassed five No. 1s over nine months and two weeks.

Meanwhile, the ARMY is very excited about this new achievement and to send him a message of support, as well as to promote Permission to Dance further, the hashtags #btsdiamond, #btsfantastic, #btsdivine, and #btsdiscography have been trending.


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