BTS Has A Special Fan Who Never Lets Their Birthdays Pass


BTS showed that their fans are not of a particular age and an ARMY did not let the important days for idols go without a party.

It was recently BTS’s Jungkook’s birthday and an ARMY lived with the idols since their pre-debut, prepared a unique gift that showed that he never forgot them, who was it?

Before being one of the most popular boy bands, the members of BTS went through tough tests that showed their strength and love for their dreams, one of which was the lack of financial resources from their agency.

They say that sometimes people who need it are on their way, angels without wings, and the members of the group ran into someone who supported them and will never forget them, she is even one of their biggest fans.

This woman made it clear that despite the distance from Butter’s singers and rappers, she continued to celebrate each of Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and recently Jungkook’s birthdays .


When the Bangtan Sonyeondan members were Big Hit Entertainment trainers, they shared a bedroom, near the place there was a traditional Korean food restaurant that they visited on countless occasions.

The owner of the place spoiled them with their favorite dishes, so much so that their relationship became close. In the distance, the Korean woman became an ARMY and in her restaurant, she set up a special area for idols , where on each birthday of the GRAMMY Award nominees she celebrated in her own way.

ARMY recently celebrated the birthday of Jungkook and one of the first army who published his message was stopped Mrs. local food, she was photographed with a picture of the singer and added:

Happy birthday dear Jungkook. Many people are going through a difficult time. Take care of your health, I love you very much.

The Twitter publication exceeded 37.3 thousand retweets, 1,875 Tweets cited and more than 165.5 thousand likes. Many netizens thanked him for the care he gave Korean artists during their pre-debut and because he remembers them, especially on their birthdays.

And in other BTS news, the boys announced the premiere of IN THE SOOP 2 , the new installment of the series will be available before the end of 2021. When will the second season premiere?


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