BTS guys relationship by horoscope

Although BTS has shown many aspects of their lives with fans, through different projects and even on stage, there are some issues that are more difficult to be certain of, one of which is how these guys would act in a relationship.

The members of BTS have not been in a public relationship since their debut, so it can be difficult to visualize them within this facet, but despite this, they have traits that give us some clues about it.

For this reason, below you will find a description of how the members of BTS would behave in a relationship according to their zodiac sign and some personality traits.


Like all Sagittarius, Jin is an idealist and dreamer, that also applies to his relationships, since he could be the victim of love at first sight. This sign is characterized by its delivery, but also it is someone curious and a little clumsy when it comes to expressing their feelings, that could confuse the person he likes, but Jin’s enthusiasm would be the key to demonstrate his sincerity.

Jin is always a loving and protective person with the rest of his groupmates, but he would demonstrate these attitudes more often with the person that interests him.


Pisces people love romance, maybe they don’t even realize it, but their hearts are so pure that love arises within them naturally. He is sensitive and easy to hurt, so he could have misunderstandings. Although he shows his feelings honestly, when it comes to talking about them he has a hard time expressing his feelings in front of the other person.

Suga is a quiet boy who can have a rough appearance, the person next to him will have to understand his silences and his individuality without misinterpreting them out of boredom or disinterest.


Virgo is very careful to get involved with other people, so this boy would have no problem being alone if he is not sure of his feelings, he would rather not take risks until it is clear how he feels. However, when you have convinced yourself to be in love you will not hesitate to show your interest.

RM is a thoughtful and responsible person, so before making decisions and starting to act, you will have to carefully assess the details.

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For Aquarius people it will be important to have a friendly relationship before starting a romantic bond. You are distracted so your partner may feel confused about your feelings for you. He is someone independent, so he will need his space.

But J-Hope is a charismatic and caring person, so she will look for creative ways to show her love for that special person.



Like all Libra, Jimin is full of charm, people of this sign give themselves completely to relationships, however, it has the defect of confusing their feelings, mainly when it comes to love and friendship. He is sensitive, but heals quickly too.

Jimin is a boy who enjoys making someone else happy, he shows it by spreading his happy spirit to the rest of his peers, so in a relationship he would strive to fill the person he likes with good moments.



People of Capricorn sign live in love with love, they are one of the most romantic in the zodiac, however, it can be misinterpreted because they are serious and do not easily show their emotions. But particularly Taehyung, he has a positive energy that is contagious, his warm heart and his good personality will allow to see the sincerity in his feelings.


BTS’s maknae, like other Virgo’s, places a high value on quality rather than quantity, so a Virgo is likely to seem selfless in love, but is actually waiting for the moment when someone will achieve speed up your heart.

He does not seek love, but if this feeling comes to his door, he will make sure of its sincerity before letting it enter his life.

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