How are the BTS guys in person? How they behave

With their beautiful personalities, the Bangtan Boys will steal your heart.

Although they are at the peak of success, the boys of BTS have not given up their roots , because they have always behaved at the height of all the circumstances that are presented to them, they are very friendly and full of values.

The fans always see on the stage showing off their skills or through a screen, performance or photos, but the fans have the desire to know how it is that they are in real life the Bangtan Boys without the pressure of being idols .

The boys of BTS do not hide their personalities , because each one has unique characteristics that through their interactions such as interviews, allow fans to know one more about their tastes , hobbies and interests .

Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook live with many people every day, including ARMY , production , musicians, assistants, staff who see a more human part of the artists of Big Hit Entertainment and have counted as is that each one of them look and behave off camera.

According to staff and people who have lived closely with BTS’s Hyung , he is a boy with cute features who looks very different in videos or photos , he is very manly with very smooth skin.

He is always loving and protective of his peers.

They assure that the BTS dancer is a boy full of charisma and kindness , treating everyone who is close to him with respect , but that physically he is very imposing due to his height and complexion , what they most remember about him is his laugh.

The staff that was able to coexist close with the rapper says that his skin is very white and smooth , although he is a little less tall than the rest of BTS, he has something in his personality that makes people think that he is a rude boy, but everything the time is thinking in their affairs .

The guys from the production comment that Jimin is a very handsome boy with big eyes and a pleasant smile that when he is focused on his activities or on what he does, he looks very professional , but he is very different when he lives with his peers as it fills them with happiness. with jokes.

The people who have been close to him said that his face is very small , beautiful and lovely .

Members of the staff of BTS ensure that Namjoon has a charm that is not typical with a high silhouette very thin, have to RM skin very carefully, very perfectionist in detail and you are interested in the production and planning of activities.

Some people who have been close to the idol claim that he has a special energy and expresses it through his good personality , commenting that his physical proportions are strong because his height and bearing are very characteristic, leaving everyone who sees him in love.

The production that work time with BTS sure Jungkook is a guy who mixed to perfection the tenderness and masculinity , that always stole the blandishments people around him for his good looks and small face.

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